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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

As the mum of five young children, I know how important it is to have access to a safe outdoor space for your children to play. Being cooped up in the house all day isn't good for the kids or the parents, but you also can't let young kids play in a space that's hazardous. When we bought our new family home, there was a lot of work to do in the garden to make it childproof, and we also wanted to make it a fun place for the kids to play. We erected a new fence, fitted a combination lock on the garden gate, had poisonous plants removed, cordoned off the pool and created a play area complete with swings, a slide and outdoor games. I started this blog to share my DIY gardening tips, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.



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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

Frequently Asked Pool Installation Questions

by Darlene Jenkins

If you're thinking about installing an inground pool, but you've never had any experience with this type of construction, you probably have a lot of questions about the process. So to help make you feel more comfortable about what you're about to do, here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about building pools.

What Are Some Benefits of Installing a Pool? -- In addition to having a place where you and your family can swim any time you want, there are other benefits to installing a pool. For example, you will save money on having to take your family to the nearest beach in order to enjoy water. You can also gain valuable cardiovascular benefits by swimming, which has been shown to increase stamina, burn calories and take pressure of your joints and muscles while you're exercising.

Because a pool keeps you buoyant, you can gain fitness without worrying about damaging your knees or back, because you don't place your full weight on the ground while you're swimming, which is a huge benefit to your body. You can also use a pool as the centerpiece of your entertaining, whether you're barbecuing, or having a formal outdoor dinner party.

What Are the Main Factors To Consider When Installing a Pool? -- Typically, you want to think about where to put your pool and the kind of fence you will need to build. One of the things people overlook the most when installing a pool is ensuring that the location is ideal. You want to make sure that you put your pool where sun can shine on it as much as possible, which will help warm the water.

In addition, you have to consider the space necessary for you and your family members to access the pool and still leave enough room to walk around the pool's perimeter. This ties into another consideration, which is ensuring that you have enough room to build your fence, which is required by law, and what kind of material you want for your fence. The most popular pool fences are made from vinyl and aluminum, but glass pool fences are becoming more of an option because of aesthetic and safety reasons.

What Is the Building Process? -- After obtaining building permits and Council approval, your pool contractor will excavate your yard, install the walls, pour concrete to set the bottom of the pool, install all the plumbing and electrical components, lay down the pool liner which protects your pool from sunlight and wear and tear, pour concrete to make the pool deck and then finish the landscaping around the pool and deck to complete the construction.