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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

As the mum of five young children, I know how important it is to have access to a safe outdoor space for your children to play. Being cooped up in the house all day isn't good for the kids or the parents, but you also can't let young kids play in a space that's hazardous. When we bought our new family home, there was a lot of work to do in the garden to make it childproof, and we also wanted to make it a fun place for the kids to play. We erected a new fence, fitted a combination lock on the garden gate, had poisonous plants removed, cordoned off the pool and created a play area complete with swings, a slide and outdoor games. I started this blog to share my DIY gardening tips, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.



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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

Double Glazing Options for Better Effect

by Darlene Jenkins

Transparent glass, which is the most popular material used for home windows, looses much heat from your home as well as allowing too much noise and light to penetrate. Double glazing is a concept of window temperature control that eliminates these negative characteristics of glass by use of two glass panes separated by a layer of insulation. Double glazing can drastically change your internal room temperatures and minimise your heating cost within a home by nearly half.

Double glazing can be done with several considerations to increase the effect achieved by such windows and further minimise your energy costs.

Types of glass

When buying double glazed windows, consider the type of glass used for the panes. Different glass types can achieve different levels of insulation independently. You can chuse to incorporate two different glass types on the single arrangement or even use similar glass with higher insulating capabilities for both panes. Low emissivity glass is glass that naturally prevents the loss of temperature to the outside from your home. It still lets in light and sounds to permeate your home though and thus can be a good candidate.

Reflective glass can be used when your main objective is to keep out heat and other radiations from your home. You can also opt for tinted glass which achieves the same effect.

There is laminated glass that is also suitable for double glazing. This glass is made up of sheets of individual glass that are held together by a resin. The resin prevents the glass from shattering when broken. The structure of this glass makes it a good insulator and would also be a good candidate for double glazing windows.

Gaps and content

Double glazing can be done with the gap in between the two window panes varying in length. The gap should be large enough to cause considerable insulation but also small enough to allow for reasonable window dimensions. The length of the gap is usually used to calculate the insulation value of the double glazed window.

Some double glazed windows have only air filling the gap between the panes. Air is a good insulator and such glazed windows achieve good insulation. In other designs, the gap between panes in such windows is filled with Argon gas. Air may be a good insulator but so far, argon seems to be the best for use in such windows.


Double glazing windows are not complete until you chuse the right frames for your windows. The two main considerations to make at this point are whether the frame material can support double glazed windows and whether the frame material is also a good insulator. In most cases, wood and uPVC frames are preferred since these two are the best insulators that can handle such windows.