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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

As the mum of five young children, I know how important it is to have access to a safe outdoor space for your children to play. Being cooped up in the house all day isn't good for the kids or the parents, but you also can't let young kids play in a space that's hazardous. When we bought our new family home, there was a lot of work to do in the garden to make it childproof, and we also wanted to make it a fun place for the kids to play. We erected a new fence, fitted a combination lock on the garden gate, had poisonous plants removed, cordoned off the pool and created a play area complete with swings, a slide and outdoor games. I started this blog to share my DIY gardening tips, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.



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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

Repairing A Small Crack In An Outdoor Glass Table

by Darlene Jenkins

Homeowners who like to sit out in their yard and enjoy the weather may well have a glass table to sit at. Although this kind of material is aesthetically pleasing, it can be easy to crack, depending on the circumstances. If, for example, you have kids and they are playing with a ball in the yard, the glass table can be damaged if the ball were to hit it. Repairing a small crack or cracks on the table is easier than you may think and will save you a decent amount of money compared to replacing the whole table or even a panel of glass in the table. This article shows you how to fix an outdoor glass table that has one or two small cracks in it.

Use A Simple Auto Glass Repair Kit

You can purchase specialized glass repair kits for the job. However, these can be a little expensive. An auto glass repair kit is an excellent alternative; they are less expensive and do a good enough job. Buy one kit per crack. You can pick these repair kits up in auto shops.

Clean The Cracks

Use your regular household glass cleaner to remove any debris or crumbs from around the crack. An old towel is ideal, as this will allow you to give the cracks a good clean without risking an injury; tiny fragments of glass are likely to come off as you clean.  

Use The Repair Kit

Auto glass repair kits usually have either a vinyl or resin compound that is applied to the crack. Both types work well for this repair. You will also get a 'bridge' in each kit. The bridge looks like a kind of suction cup and has a screw assembly built into the top of the cup. This is used to hold the glass in place after the vinyl or resin has been applied. Once the crack has been cleaned, apply the vinyl or resin to the crack using the small syringe supplied. Inject it directly into the crack and allow it to spread.

Clamp It In Place

Now you can use the bridge to clamp the glass in place until the vinyl or resin has dried. Apply the suction cup and slowly turn the screw on the top until it is hand tight – this should be enough pressure to keep the bridge and glass in place. Lastly, use a small razor blade to clean off any excess compound that is sitting above the level of the glass.

Refer to the instructions on the kit regarding the length of time needed to allow the compound to fully dry and then remove the bridge.

For more information, or if you want a full replacement, you may want to contact a company specialises in glass and aluminium home goods.