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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

As the mum of five young children, I know how important it is to have access to a safe outdoor space for your children to play. Being cooped up in the house all day isn't good for the kids or the parents, but you also can't let young kids play in a space that's hazardous. When we bought our new family home, there was a lot of work to do in the garden to make it childproof, and we also wanted to make it a fun place for the kids to play. We erected a new fence, fitted a combination lock on the garden gate, had poisonous plants removed, cordoned off the pool and created a play area complete with swings, a slide and outdoor games. I started this blog to share my DIY gardening tips, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.



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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

Key Factors To Help You Buy The Best Air Purifier To Match Your Needs

by Darlene Jenkins

Air purification will help you clear your house or office of allergens such as molds, dust, and pollen. Removing these allergens will help in reducing the severity of allergies and respiratory ailments. The type and size of purifier you buy will be determined by your needs, so it's important to pay attention to the key guiding principles when buying your purifier.

Below are major factors to consider before you buy your air purifier.

The Size of the Room

Take the measurement of your room in square feet to help you buy the most appropriate air purifier. You should calculate the size of the room by multiplying its length by width. Most air purifiers will have their capacities indicated on a sticker or in their manual. You can also inquire from your provider the best specifications for your home. Remember, if you intend to use the purifier in different rooms, then you should consider buying it using the measurements of the largest room.

The Intended Use

The purpose of your air purifier will determine its features. If you intend to use it in an office or a house with an infant, then you need an air purifier that produces minimal or no noise at all. Some air purifiers can interfere with your work or other activities because of the noise they produce. Often, high-capacity purifiers produce less noise, as they have larger filters that reduce the amount of force or energy needed to circulate the air.

Your Ability to Maintain the Air Purifier

One of the key maintenance practices is the replacement of filters. Some air purifiers have replaceable filters, and some don't. You can opt for a filterless purifier if it's impossible for you to change regularly or clean the filters as recommended. However, air purifiers with filters are deemed more efficient than the filterless ones.

Level of Air Pollution

The location of your home or office will determine how clean your air is and the workload of the purifier. If you live in a highly congested area, for example near an industrial zone, then you will need a high capacity air purifier. Check the number of air changes completed per hour by the air cleaner, which can range from 2 to 8 times. The changes mean that the purifier entirely cleans out the air in the room say two times in one hour. The higher the air changes, then the higher the performance of the purifier.

For more information, contact Air Cleaners Australia or a similar company.