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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

As the mum of five young children, I know how important it is to have access to a safe outdoor space for your children to play. Being cooped up in the house all day isn't good for the kids or the parents, but you also can't let young kids play in a space that's hazardous. When we bought our new family home, there was a lot of work to do in the garden to make it childproof, and we also wanted to make it a fun place for the kids to play. We erected a new fence, fitted a combination lock on the garden gate, had poisonous plants removed, cordoned off the pool and created a play area complete with swings, a slide and outdoor games. I started this blog to share my DIY gardening tips, and I hope you find it interesting and useful.



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Creating A Fun, Safe Garden For Your Children

Buying guide | Tips in purchasing the best LED work lights

by Darlene Jenkins

In these modern times, LED lights are becoming more of a lifestyle than a product. They are very effective in helping you see clearly and work at any time of the day. As a plus, LED work lights are more energy efficient as compared to ordinary lights. However, not all LED lights are created equal. You need to be careful when making your selection if you intend on getting more bang for your buck. Not to worry, below is a buying guide that will help you in choosing the right work lights that will boost your efficiency for the better.

Go for lumens, not watts

One very important tip is checking the lumens a bulb produces as opposed to its wattage. The lumens it produces equates to the amount of light the bulb gives. The more lumens, the more the light you'll get out of the bulb.

The LED's wattage, on the other hand, is directly proportional to the current the LED uses as it operates. A higher wattage does not necessarily mean more lumens. The more energy efficient LEDs actually have a lower wattage and higher lumens.

Go for cordless bulbs

Cordless LED lights are becoming a fashionable trend. But that's not the only reason why you should purchase them. These bulbs are convenient as you can take them to any location in the home and use them without connecting them to a power source. As a plus, cordless LED lights reduce tripping hazards around your home by eliminating the need for wires all the time. All you have to do is charge them, and you're good to go.

Understand the colour temperatures

The colour temperatures should also assist you in crossing a few LEDs off your list. When choosing your LED bulb, you need to know the colour you'll be most comfortable with. LED lights come in different colour variants including yellow, bright white, cool white and bluish colours. Colour temperature is measured in Kelvins (K); if you're looking for warmer colours such as yellow, then go for lower K bulbs. As the colour temperature rises, the colour of the bulb moves towards cool white and bluish shades.

Go for multiple lights as opposed to one

If you've got the option of getting two smaller work lights as opposed to one bigger one, then don't hesitate to go with that option. With two different LED lights, you can configure the lights to face in different angles. That way, you'll get the maximum illumination on your workspace.

If you have questions or want to look into purchasing LED work lights, contact Creative Lighting Solutions Aust Pty Ltd.